Rating Battles / Online Competitions

About Online Competitions

In an Online Competition, you sign up in advance and compete against other Trainers during the specified competition period. You can participate in your game by selecting the Battle Spot feature in Festival Plaza. Depending on how you do, your rating will rise or fall, which will decide your place in the final rankings.

How to Participate

Follow these steps to compete against other Trainers in an Online Competition.

1) Sign up for the competition in the Pokémon Global Link during the entry period.
2) Download the Digital Player ID for the Online Competition in your game.
3) Choose which Pokémon you want to use in the competition and register them for your Battle Team.
4) Once the competition period starts, register your Battle Team for the Online Competition.
5) Battle against other Trainers during the competition period.

For more details, check the Quick Guide about participating in Online Competitions.

Online Competition Features

Here are some features of Online Competitions that are different than standard Rating Battles.
● To participate in an Online Competition, you must sign up in advance.
● Online Competition battles can take place only during the competition period, and the number of battles that can be played per day may be limited. Limits may differ between competitions.
● Different Online Competitions may have different battle rules and regulations.
● In Online Competitions, all Trainers start out with a Rating of 1,500. This will rise or fall depending on how the player does in the competition, and their final Rating will determine their place in the ranking.
● A player must add the Pokémon he or she wishes to use for an Online Competition to their Battle Team and register it for the competition.
● Pokémon on a registered Battle Team cannot be taken out or changed until the competition is over.
● Depending on the category, you may not be able to battle except during the battle time, which is 6 A.M. to 11 P.M.